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about Mercedes

About Mercedes

Flow yoga mama to two baby yoginis and wife to an amazing guy, Mercedes Sieff (nee Ngoh) is one of the UK's happiest and most creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructors. Born in Ottawa, Canada, she spent most of her life studying creative movement and its use as a form of self-expression and spiritual exploration. It was during her time living in California and working in the entertainment industry that she began to study yoga. As her studies and passion for yoga grew steadily more intense, Mercedes gradually moved into teaching. Having studied various forms of yoga the primary style she now teaches is Vinyasa Flow. Most of her studies over the past decade have been in California where she has completed different certifications under many recognised teachers including the lovely Shiva Rea.

In 2010 she Co-Founded the award winning health retreat Yeotown located in North Devon. She is a proud ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and Manduka and runs weekly vinyasa flow yoga classes, Yoga Teacher Training modules and retreats both locally at Yeotown and abroad throughout the year. Mercedes has been featured on ITV1, BBC Radio and in publications such as Tatler, The Sunday Times , YogaJournal, OM Magazine, Harpers Bazaar and Yoga Magazine. She is a lifestyle and health blogger for the Huffington Post in addition to contributing articles to Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal and Om Magazine.

Mercedes on Yoga

From my point of view, as it's the only view I've got, I believe yoga can be many different things to many different people. I cringe when I hear people say something or someone is "unyogic" as it is merely their story and life experience they are placing on someone else and not necessarily the truth. I believe yoga is what it translates to, which is to yoke or union. The union of the individual with the universal. The little me with the big me. The yoking of our current selves with the highest most evolved version of ourselves. And that, in my opinion, can come in many different forms, through many different experiences, in many different ways, giving all humans the freedom and choice to have their own version of yoga and what it is to be "yogic".

Mercedes on Teaching

As a long time lover and practitioner of yoga and creative movement, I now find myself functioning in position of both student and teacher. I believe that taking the seat of a yoga teacher is a gift and responsibility handed down to me from my teachers and I am grateful for their wisdom every time I hold the space for others.

Mercedes on Life

I don’t believe we come into the world to attain spiritual perfection or become more enlightened beings, I actually believe that is the place we originate from. I believe we are on this earth to have a more human experience. To make mistakes, be imperfect, learn lessons, love hard, laugh hard and get our hearts broken. I believe life is for living in the most imperfect, passionate of ways. Our experiences are not grand sweeping statements of who we are or are forever destined to be but rather I view them as a snapshot in a story we are living out. And, in this story, there are many chapters yet to be written and many possible happy endings that in actuality, are never really endings at all.

Mercedes on Love

What can I say, some people are born lucky in love! I am surrounded by it and take none of it for granted. From my two baby girls, my adoring husband to my crazy, funny sisters, doting parents, awesome friends and passionate students. I am fully aware of how fortunate I am and of the love and light that surrounds me and informs my life on a daily basis. I believe we are attracted to people for their seeming perfection, their shiny veneers and masks they may wear however it is their flaws, their imperfections, their confessions of insecurity, hurt and vulnerability that actually make us fall in love.

Mercedes on Mercedes

I am a passionate Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher, though you may not know it from my impatience with long queues at the Whole Foods and LA style road rage! Fortunately my aim is authenticity and not perfection. A survivor of the exploding Los Angeles yoga scene, I firmly believe in making my way through life with joy and laughter and my yoga and teachings are no exception. I am currently in love with the theory that the most advanced yogi is the one who can laugh at themselves and not take all of this 'becoming enlightened' business too seriously. I believe life is to be lived and enjoyed in the now and not for some future promise of happiness that will only be bestowed upon us once we have it all "figured out"....


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